We spend a big portion of our lives at work, but is your job causing physical or mental stress? If so, it may be time to try CBD. Try CBD if your job involves the following five items. 

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If you’ve ever started a new job and noticed a change in your physical and/or mental health, you’re not alone. We spend a massive part of our lives at work, and our jobs influence us in powerful ways. Sometimes they create a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, but other times they emotionally drain us. Certain jobs may help employees stay healthy and active, while others can actually lead to bodily stress and strain. 

That being the case, it makes sense that employees with certain jobs will benefit more from CBD than others. Even if you’re not currently noticing any physical or emotional stress due to your job, it’s a good idea to be aware of potential issues so you can be proactive about them. In particular, you should try CBD if your job involves the following five items. 

Disclaimer: We want to remind everyone that while CBD is considered a safe and mild supplement, you should always talk with your doctor before adding CBD to your regimen. This is particularly important if you’re already using any prescription medications.


If Your Job Requires Manual Labor, CBD Can Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Acute strains happen unexpectedly and are usually a result of poor flexibility, overexertion, and/or fatigue. Sometimes just losing your footing or moving in an awkward position can lead to an acute strain. However, when it comes to pain and inflammation from your job, the biggest culprit is usually chronic strain. 

Chronic strains are from repetitive movements over time. Unfortunately, if your job requires manual labor, chronic strains may become a normal part of your life. Manual labor refers to any physical work done by hand. Jobs like construction, farming, and landscaping are some of the more obvious forms of manual labor, but even some retail jobs require lifting heavy objects. Whatever the case, these types of strains are painful and can lead to injury if not properly treated.

When common remedies for mild to moderate strains don’t cut it (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), CBD may provide the boost you need to soothe strained muscles and recover faster. CBD is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory, and using a CBD topical can provide relief right where you need it. Plus, the act of massaging the product promotes additional blood flow and lymphatic drainage which aid in recovery. 

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CBD Can Balance Stress Responses For Employees In High-Stress Jobs

Whether your job involves saving lives or the competitive world of finance, you might have experienced stress from your job. It’s not just certain jobs that are stressful though. The American Institute of Stress says that eighty percent of workers feel stress. What’s even more shocking is that one out of every five employees quits because of stress. But what exactly do we mean by stress? Oftentimes, we’re referring to the fight-or-flight response.

Believe it or not, when you experience stress from things like a rude email or missing your exit on the freeway, that’s actually your fight-or-flight response at work. This evolutionary response helped our ancestors survive harsher climates, but that response still exists today. If your job is causing lots of stress, your body reacts by causing a series of physiological responses. That might mean sweating, racing thoughts, a fast heartbeat, GI issues, and more. If stress isn’t managed properly, it can lead to a host of other physical and emotional problems (anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, etc.).

Luckily, one of the things that CBD does best is help balance stress responses. Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) promotes balance throughout your body with certain compounds. CBD can bind to ECS receptors and help out with these tasks, one of which is bringing balance to the physiological responses we mentioned earlier. In addition to that, while CBD can’t directly cure anxiety,  there are several studies that indicate it may be a valid treatment for several anxiety disorders

If Your Job Requires Odd Hours, CBD Can Promote High-Quality Sleep

We all end up staying at work past five o’clock at some point. But what about the people who work overnight shifts? What about the jobs that require workers to clock in at four in the morning and then finish by noon? Then, of course, there are professions where you may get called in randomly with little to no warning. The stereotypical 9-5 job is, surprisingly, not as common as one might think. 

The problem, however, is that the rest of the world still functions on a 9-5 schedule for the most part. That means some people come home from work at five in the morning and immediately have to start getting kids ready for school. Doctors sometimes get a call in the middle of the night and have to go in at a moment’s notice. Whether your job randomly calls you in, or if your regular schedule is just far from the norm, you still deserve high-quality sleep. 

If your job requires odd hours, CBD can help keep your sleep cycle as balanced as possible to promote high-quality sleep. Specifically, full-spectrum CBD oil is helpful for those needing some type of sleep aid. Full-spectrum CBD includes CBD, the various other cannabinoids and botanical compounds, a tiny amount of THC, and any terpenes present in the plant. 

The small amount of THC isn’t enough to cause any psychoactive effects, but it helps promote a more powerful entourage effect. Basically, while each compound has unique properties, when used together their effects are more powerful than they would be alone. That means full-spectrum CBD is particularly helpful for maintaining a regular sleep cycle, falling asleep faster, staying asleep, and overall just getting higher-quality sleep. 

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CBD Can Strengthen Your Immune System When Your Job Requires Lots of Travel

For obvious reasons, travel is riskier than normal. However, even in the best of times, traveling a lot can weaken your immune system. That means anyone with a job that requires lots of travel should be vigilant about their immune health. 

If you’re flying on a regular basis, your body is subject to changes in air pressure, temperature, climate, and even just the physical and emotional stress associated with planning and staying on schedule. Unless you’re flying first class, your body may be cramped.  Plus, it’s easy to lose sleep while moving between time zones. Combine all these issues and you have a nasty recipe for a weakened immune system.

A weakened immune system puts you at a higher risk of illness and infections. Luckily, a healthy ECS supports and balances your immune system. That’s how CBD can help boost your immune system. When you use CBD oil, the molecules fit into receptors throughout your body and enhance the natural balancing powers of your ECS. That can mean better sleep, less stress, improved gut health, and even a stronger immune system. 

Have Trouble With Work/Life Balance? CBD Can Help You Disconnect and Unwind.

Some jobs require employees to be constantly plugged in. That might mean getting emails at all hours of the day or taking phone calls after the workday is done. This can make it incredibly difficult to relax and really engage with your home life. Anyone who’s recently made the switch to remote work has definitely noticed these issues. It’s insanely hard to separate your work and home life when your office is mere feet away from the couch. Either way, the physical and mental boundaries between home and work can easily blur.

While CBD can’t stop your boss from emailing you at midnight, it can help you develop routines that differentiate work time and home time. Make it a point to use your CBD products when you’re officially done for the day. After that, do your best to focus on family, friends, and home. Admittedly, this is the type of change that takes work. It won’t happen overnight. The purpose of using CBD in this way is to enhance your mindfulness so you can enjoy your home life more. 

The anxiolytic properties of CBD will naturally help you relax, but it’s still up to you to put your phone away or not check your email after work hours. After some practice and a period of adjustment, however, you’ll notice more productivity at work and more engagement at home. 

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Try CBD To Enhance Your Work and Home Life

Remember to check with your workplace policies about CBD use. While CBD is completely legal in most states, some employers prohibit its use for employees. Plus, while it’s rare, using high-strength CBD can pose problems for employees required to drug test for their jobs. It may help to discuss these issues with your manager or HR representative before getting started. No matter what happens, however, the goal is for you to be happy and healthy at both work and home. 

Stress, lack of sleep, or even muscle strains may feel like a normal part of work. But they’re not! That’s why we highly recommend trying CBD if you’re job involves any of the previously mentioned issues. Feel free to contact us with questions and don’t forget to stock up on your favorite CBD products today. Our CBD Relax Bundle is perfect when your job keeps you on the go.