Soothing & Cooling CBD Gel: 500mg CBD
$64.95 or $55.21 / month

“Such a relief, it feels amazing, even better than expected.”

Experiencing tension in your back, neck, wrists, or shoulders? Our CBD gel is the perfect soothing, pain-relieving solution to reduce inflammation and regain comfort the natural way.

$64.95 or $55.21 / month

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How Our CBD Gel Can Help You Out:

  • Cooling

  • Soothing

  • Relieving


Cooling, Soothing Relief

Our CBD lotion is great for external pain areas. If you’re experiencing tension in your shoulders, neck, arms or legs, the gel can help you to reduce inflammation and find relief.

In combination with our tincture, this is a perfect warrior against aches of any kind acting from the inside and out. We only use 100% natural ingredients, the gel is free of any toxins, paraben and plastics. 

Soothing & Cooling CBD Gel: 500mg CBD 2