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There is no better gift than the feeling of comfort!

Our CBD relief holiday bundle of our most popular 1000mg organic CBD oil and CBD Gel is the perfect holiday gift. Ideal for your loved ones with any kind of body ache, and discomfort.


How Our CBD Relief Bundle Can Help You Out:

  • Cool

  • Soothe

  • Relief

  • Relax

  • Recover

  • Renew


What Our Customers Are Saying

Holiday CBD Relief Bundle 2

“Your CBD helps me relax when I’m anxious… aids in my recovery after a tough tennis match or a hard workout in the gym.”

Karen T.

Holiday CBD Relief Bundle 3

“I have some real back issues, and your CBD oil allows me to sleep in at least 2-hour increments. I have tried two other oils prior to finding yours and yours so far is blinding the pain much better.”

David T.

Holiday CBD Relief Bundle 4

“It tastes great and got rid of the headache that was coming on. For me, that is huge since mine turn into migraines.”

Dianna K.

Holiday CBD Relief Bundle 5

“Singy’s is the WD40 for my rusty joints!”

Aaron B.