They may be the most wonderful time of year, but the holidays are still pretty stressful. Discover how to avoid holiday stress with CBD.


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This year has been pretty insane, so it’s pretty safe to say we’re all looking forward to a little holiday cheer. That means connecting with family and friends, finding those perfect gifts, delicious holiday dishes, and…stress? Oh yeah. It may be the most wonderful time of year, but holiday stress is very real. 

And it’s no wonder! Sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen, the kids refuse to sit still for pictures, coordinating schedules with relatives can be a nightmare, and holiday shopping is more stressful than ever. That’s why many are planning ahead by stocking up on their CBD favorites. 

CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive, stress-reducing, pain-soothing answer to our prayers. Read on and discover how CBD will help keep you from turning into the Grinch this holiday season. 

Disclaimer: We want to take a moment and remind everyone that while CBD is considered a safe and mild supplement, you should always talk with your doctor before adding CBD into your regimen. 


Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected With CBD

If you’re struggling not to pull your hair out after hearing your mother-in-law critique your pumpkin pie recipe…take a deep breath. Go ahead and take another one, and when you’re done reach for your CBD product of choice. One of the main reasons people use CBD is to help manage stress and anxiety.

Our bodies respond to stress by triggering our fight-or-flight response. This is an evolutionary response that kept early humans alive in harsh environments. Perhaps your “loving” relatives aren’t exactly the modern equivalent of running from predators…but your nervous system can’t always tell the difference. CBD, however, helps balance this stress response so it’s easier to keep your cool.

Plus, several studies indicate CBD may be an effective treatment for different anxiety disorders. It works with your ECS (endocannabinoid system) to boost GABA levels, which helps slow racing thoughts and boost feelings of calm and relaxation. For sporadic stress, using CBD gummies when needed will do the trick. For chronic stress and anxiety, however, integrating CBD Oil into your routine will help you manage these feelings more effectively over time. 

CBD Can Help You Manage Holiday Stress - Singy's Premium CBD Oil

Get Plenty of Rest With CBD

With less sunlight, changing schedules, and TONS of errands, your sleep schedule can get a bit messy. What’s even worse is that not getting enough sleep is a recipe for stress and a compromised immune system. The more stress you have, the less sleep you get. The weaker your immune system, the more sleep you need. Basically, once your sleep cycle gets messed up, things can go downhill fast.

Luckily, using a Full-Spectrum CBD Oil right before bedtime is an easy way to start winding down and prepare your mind and body for a good night’s rest. CBD helps your ECS regulate your sleep-wake cycle via complex cell signaling. In doing so, it helps your body remember when it’s supposed to be awake, and when it should be asleep.

For people with insomnia-like sleep disorders, this is fantastic news. Plus, if anxiety and racing thoughts are keeping you awake, the anxiolytic properties of CBD will help soothe you as well. The best way to use CBD for a good night’s rest is to take it at the same time every night in combination with restful activities. Once you’ve taken your nightly CBD, give yourself permission to unplug, unwind, and relax. 

CBD May Help You Avoid Binging on Holiday Treats

One of the first things we tend to reach for when stressed is food. This is particularly tempting around the holidays because of all the delicious seasonal treats and dishes available. While enjoying a treat once in a while is absolutely part of a balanced lifestyle, overdoing it can lead to poor sleep, less energy, weight gain, and more. But can CBD help you avoid binging on holiday treats?

Yes! While the mechanisms behind hunger and weight gain are particularly complex, CBD may help you make smarter eating choices in three ways. First, CBD may be able to help turn “bad” brown fat into “good” white fat. The former leads to weight-related illnesses, and the latter stores and provides energy while insulating our bodies.  Exercise naturally helps change brown fat into white fat, but CBD helps that process along. On top of that, studies show that CBD may also help us burn fat too. 

Another study indicated that this fat-burning potential may lead to reduced hunger as well. It’s important to remember, however, that CBD is not a cure for obesity and poor lifestyle habits. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, CBD may promote more fat burning and less appetite. So, if your holiday eating habits are causing you grief, start integrating it into your routine NOW so you’ll have more time to work on developing better habits with the help of CBD. 

CBD Will Help You Focus On What Really Matters This Holiday Season - Singy's Premium CBD Oil

Experiencing More Aches and Pains from Cold Weather? Try CBD!

If seasonal changes cause more aches and pains, you’re not alone. Anyone dealing with chronic inflammation knows how frustrating it is when pain keeps you from playing with your kids, grandchildren, or even from running everyday errands. If this sounds familiar, start taking CBD today for relief.

First, CBD may be able to reduce pain by balancing neurotransmitters that influence pain perception. This is particularly good news for those who suffer from fibromyalgia pain. However, even people who are still dealing with pain from old injuries can benefit from this.  On top of that, CBD is particularly effective at combating inflammation. When taken regularly, CBD works with the ECS to reduce overall inflammatory responses from the immune system. That means joint pain due to inflammation may be relieved from CBD too.

CBD Gel and CBD Oil Bundle - Singy's Premium CBD Oil

For particularly bad pain, consider using CBD Oil in combination with a CBD topical. The oil will help reduce inflammation throughout your entire body, while the topical will help you apply CBD exactly where it’s needed. Using both of these products together will provide maximum relief. That means less pain, less stress, and more holiday fun.

We’re Grateful CBD Helps Us Avoid Holiday Stress

With so much going on, we don’t want anything to get in the way of enjoying time with our loved ones. Instead of spending time stressed and exhausted, we want to focus on the things we’re grateful for. For us, that means managing stress with CBD so we don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and don’t forget to stock up on all your favorite products today. And if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for someone, consider snagging a few CBD stocking stuffer items as well 😉