Suffer no more, ladies! CBD has amazing benefits for women that can help treat several common health issues.

Whether they’re a high-powered business woman or a rockstar mom, women have a lot going on. And many women juggle these responsibilities while doing their best to cope with health issues. Too often these conditions are ignored or, even worse, women are told that they’re not a big deal.

But no more! Everyday there’s more and more research showing us the amazing benefits of CBD, especially for women. If you, or another woman you know, suffer from these chronic health issues, then keep reading to find out how CBD can help you today!



When people think of women’s health issues, the first item that comes to mind is probably PMS (premenstrual syndrome). PMS are the physical and emotional symptoms that start one to two weeks before a woman starts menstruating. And the list of symptoms is pretty long. The short list includes tender breasts, bloating, irritability, fatigue and more. That’s where CBD comes in.
In an interview for Moody Month, an app designed to help women track their cycles, one CBD user said, “For PMS (and occasional generalised anxiety), I find CBD makes me feel more calm, with fewer headaches and anxious thoughts, a big decrease in mood swings and a general feeling of well-being. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory so it’s helpful with cramps as well.”

Dr. Dani Gordon, a cannabinoid medicine specialist, says that there aren’t many direct studies connecting CBD to PMS-relief. However, there are lots of thoroughly researched studies backing the effectiveness of CBD as an anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relief tool. Sounds good to us!



For those who are unfamiliar, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is a condition that causes women to produce higher amounts of male hormones. This hormone imbalance can lead to complications such as ovarian cysts, irregular periods, acne, weight gain, depression and even infertility.

PCOS Diva says that, “PCOS patients could potentially see some benefits and help them feel calmer and sleep better. More than to just help women feel less stressed and pained, cannabidiol might actually directly improve PCOS treatment by means of the endocannabinoid system.” PCOS can be a particularly painful condition, so anything that could bring relief or promote hormonal balance is worth a shot.


CBD and Acne

If your acne is hormone related, then CBD can promote hormonal balance through your endocannabinoid system. Essentially, you’ll be treating your acne from the inside out! Of course, you can always start right at the surface of your skin too.

For women whose stressful lives tend to show up on their face, CBD can directly combat the culprit–cortisol. Stress can cause your body to release excess cortisol, and when there’s too much it can cause collagen and elastin breakdown, dryness, and discoloration. CBD disrupts cortisol production and with its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it promotes more vibrant, youthful looking skin.

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CBD and Postpartum

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful, life-changing experiences that a woman can go through. Pregnancy and childbirth are the parts that most people focus on, but the period immediately following birth can be particularly traumatic. Lack of sleep, changing hormones and sudden physical changes coupled with the new responsibility of taking care of an infant….can be overwhelming. Even women with zero history of mental health issues can experience depression, anxiety and compulsive behavior.

CBD can assist in balancing the waves of emotions that postpartum can put new mothers through. Its ability to promote healthy sleep will help new moms fight fatigue, and a stronger endocannabinoid system will help bring hormones back into balance. One new mother said that taking CBD helped curb her postpartum anxiety, “This time around, it has helped me tremendously and I no longer feel anxious. I noticed a big change — I’m able to be calmer and more patient.”

It’s important to note, however, that when it comes to CBD and breastfeeding there’s a lot of conflicting information online. Be sure to speak with your doctor to help you decide whether using CBD while breastfeeding is right for you.


CBD and Menopause

Every woman will experience menopause, but it’s one of the least talked about parts of a woman’s life. While menopause is completely normal, women’s bodies go through changes that can often leave them reeling. Just some of these changes include hot flashes, sleep disorders, libido changes and mood swings. Genneve, an online clinic offering resources for women going through menopause, believes that CBD could be an invaluable tool to help women.

The pain relieving, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help women manage menopausal symptoms. In particular, CBD’s ability to bring balance to the endocannabinoid system means that it can promote mood-balancing receptors that are in charge of chemicals like serotonin. For those suffering from hormone induced hot flashes and mood swings, this is fantastic news.

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Women Deserve to Try The Amazing Benefits of CBD

As always, we recommend consulting with a doctor to make sure that your symptoms are normal and don’t need further medical attention. But if you, or another woman you know, are suffering from any of these issues then we urge you to try CBD today.

All of these conditions are common, and women deserve a natural, safe way to manage symptoms. Women have it tough enough. Give our mothers, wives, sisters and female friends a break!

Let us know how CBD has helped the women in your life. Also, feel free to share this article with someone who might be suffering in silence. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement from a friend!