A diabetes diagnosis can change your life. Luckily, simple things like stress management, high-quality CBD, and more can make living with diabetes a LOT easier.


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Perhaps you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Maybe you’ve been dealing with diabetes for some time now. Whatever the case, after you go home and finish the obligatory kitchen sugar purge…you still have to live with diabetes. 

The American Diabetes Association says that in 2018 roughly 10.5% of Americans had diabetes. That’s 34.2 million people who have to juggle insulin, blood sugar levels, nutrition, and more. Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together four simple ways to live better with diabetes.

Some of it is practical lifestyle stuff. However, other tips are specific actions you can take TODAY to feel better and live more. Read on for all the details.

Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendations

This should absolutely go without saying, so if you’re already doing this then feel free to skip ahead. However, it’s SO important to follow your doctor’s recommendations that we felt compelled to emphasize it here. Regardless of whether you have Type I or Type II Diabetes, managing the following items is non-negotiable:

  • Take all prescription meds as directed.
  • Regularly monitor blood glucose levels
  • Adjust your nutrition to manage blood glucose levels
  • Attend all check-up appointments (primary care, vision care, dental, etc.).

Managing these items will help keep your diabetes in control while helping to avoid potential complications. When it comes to the basic management of your diabetes, it’s safest to follow the recommendations of your primary care doctor. If you have specific questions about these items, we recommend the CDC’s guide for Living with Diabetes.

That being said, we highly recommend keeping track of your health practices and any changes in a journal. This could be a physical journal or a virtual one you can quickly add notes to on your phone. The purpose of this is to have reference information for your next doctor’s visit, should you need it. 

Monitor Mental Health and Manage Stress with CBD

The many responsibilities involved in managing your diabetes can be overwhelming. Whether you’re stressed about symptoms, anxious about test results, or depressed about your prognosis, the effect diabetes has on mental health is very real. 

The CDC even says, “People with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to have depression than people without diabetes. Only 25% to 50% of people with diabetes who have depression get diagnosed and treated.” Basically, if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and you’re struggling with your mental health, you’re not alone.

Additionally, stress and anxiety can have a big impact on glucose levels. Stress hormones like adrenaline can cause your blood sugar to increase or decrease unpredictably. Plus, chronic stress can lead to additional health issues that may exacerbate your diabetes.

Clearly, managing stress and being proactive about your mental health is essential. Your doctor may recommend a counselor or medication. Depending on your situation, that might be the right option. However, many diabetics are managing stress and improving their mental health with CBD Oil.

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CBD is a natural anxiolytic and works with your endocannabinoid system to boost GABA levels. This neurotransmitter is responsible for feeling calm and inhibiting neural activity. When we don’t have enough GABA, we may experience racing thoughts, mania, and even anxiety. 

Many are using CBD Oil once a day to keep stress and anxiety in check. However, others also use CBD Gummies as needed for times when anxiety spikes unexpectedly. Plus, in addition to reducing anxiety, CBD can help decrease inflammation and some chronic pain from diabetes. 

To learn more about CBD and Diabetes, click here!

Exercise Regularly to Increase Insulin Sensitivity

This is probably another item your doctor has talked to you about, but there are LOTS of simple ways to sneak in exercise without having to hit the gym.

The reason exercise is so important for diabetics is that it helps manage weight, improves cardiovascular health, and it can even increase insulin sensitivity. That means you’ll need to use less insulin for it to be effective.

Of course, any changes to medication should be discussed with your doctor beforehand. They’ll be able to give you a realistic outlook for your unique situation (plus, they may have specific exercise recommendations).

If adding exercise to your routine isn’t an issue, however, then there are several ways you can incorporate it into your lifestyle. Lifting weights and taking classes at your local gym are completely fine (with your doctor’s approval). However, if you need simple ways to add exercise to your routine, then try the following:

  • Morning or evening walks
  • Active housework
  • Yardwork
  • Dancing 

These may seem very simple, but that’s kind of the point! Find something you like or that already fits into your routine, and then stick to it. You can start small, find an accountability partner, pick a goal, or make it a fun activity with friends or family. 

Just remember to check your blood sugar before and after exercise, stay hydrated, and wear the proper footwear for your activity of choice.

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Promote Healthy Circulation for Nerve and Foot Health

Complications from diabetes can sometimes include nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy). That damage means your nerves may not effectively send messages to different parts of your body. Sometimes it’s just numbness or tingling, sometimes it’s weak limbs, injuries that won’t heal, and/or pain. Whatever the case, it can lead to permanent issues, particularly in the feet. 

Nerve damage and poor circulation make it much more likely you’ll develop foot ulcers (sore, wound, etc.). If these ulcers get infected and don’t heal quickly enough with treatment, the affected area may need to be amputated. While that seems drastic, it can be a necessary step to prevent any infection from spreading to the rest of your body.

To avoid these issues, it’s important to check your feet for injuries daily, maintain good foot hygiene, always wear footwear to avoid injuries, wear proper footwear, and promote healthy foot circulation with regular stretching and massage. 

To get the most out of a foot massage, we recommend using a CBD Gel to reduce pain and inflammation of the feet while also promoting healthy circulation. 

Click here to learn how to use CBD topicals for maximum relief.

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Try CBD to Feel Better and Live More with Diabetes

These are just a few of the ways you can help manage diabetes symptoms while living a healthier, happier life. While CBD can’t cure diabetes, it can be used as a tool to help you manage the effects of the disease. 

If you have questions or concerns then we encourage you to contact us. CBD has so much potential and we can’t wait to help you find the right product for your needs. No matter what though, we can’t wait for you to have all the tools you need to Feel Better and Live More.